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Refine operation and improve management effectiveness
 Nov 19, 2021|View:145

Research Symposium on Effective and Refined Management


On November 17, Nanfang Bearing invited Ningbo Smart Sword Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. to hold a seminar on effective and refined management in Room 301 of Building 1. All the company's managers attended the meeting.


At the meeting, Mr. Shi Jianwei, chairman of Nanfang Bearing, delivered a speech. Shi Dong said that Nanfang Bearing should base itself on the new era, forge ahead in the 14th Five Year Plan and become a century old enterprise. In order to improve the management level of the company, the chairman of the board of directors put forward the following requirements for this project:

1. We hope that the expert team can be practical and realistic, expose all problems of the company, and be targeted.

2. All management personnel shall be treated equally from top to bottom and complete relevant matters with quality and quantity guaranteed on time.

3. The expert team shall participate in the internal operation and management to solve the actual problems of the enterprise from a practical perspective.

4. All management personnel are willing to be "primary school students", learn from expert teachers with an empty cup mentality, and effectively improve the management level.


Then, Mr. Zhao Qi, the general manager of Ningbo Smart Sword Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., briefly described the necessity of fine management of Nanfang Bearing. The enterprise needs both operation and management, and the growth of the enterprise requires constant learning and growth.


Finally, the heads of all departments of Nanfang Bearing introduced themselves and interacted with Mr. ZHUANJIA on the spot about the main problems in their work.

Refined management is actually change. We need to realize the change of people and things. The change of people should be professional, and the change of things should be procedural. The goal is to achieve performance change and speak with data.