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【Good news】Nanfang Bearing won the China Patent Excellence Award
 Apr 15, 2022|View:368


On April 15, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the review results of the 23rd China Patent Award, and Jiangsu South Bearing Co., Ltd. won the China Patent Excellence Award.

China Patent Excellence Award

The China Patent Award is to encourage and commend applicants and inventors (designers) who have made outstanding contributions to technological (design) innovation and economic and social development. It is the highest honor in China's patent field. The invention patent of Nanfang Bearing in this evaluation relates to an overrunning clutch, which mainly solves the problem that the spring plate may shift and fall off when the overrunning clutch rotates at high speed, and ensures that the spring plate will not deviate from its correct working position due to frequent impact or centrifugal force during operation. The invention patent has been authorized in 15 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, the European Union and India.


Jiangsu Nanfang Bearing Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production and sales of precision needle roller bearings, overrunning clutches, one-way pulley assemblies and other auto parts. On the basis of strengthening research and development and promoting industry university research cooperation, we have achieved remarkable intellectual property achievements through the implementation of the intellectual property management system and the implementation of the provincial intellectual property strategy promotion plan. Up to now, the company has accumulated 119 valid patents, including 24 invention patents and 95 utility model patents. Preside over or participate in the formulation (revision) of 2 national standards and 6 industrial standards.

As a key private listed enterprise in the domestic bearing industry, Nanfang Bearing is also a director unit of China Bearing Association. We know that there is still a certain gap between the domestic bearing industry and the world bearing industry powers. We will take this China Patent Excellence Award as a new starting point, constantly improve the ability of enterprises to create, manage and protect intellectual property rights, strengthen ourselves, strengthen research and development, further enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises, and drive the whole industry to achieve sustainable development of technological innovation.