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Nanfang Bearing's Pledge Conference on Effective and Refined Management was grandly held
 Dec 21, 2021|View:282


At noon on December 15, the Pledge Conference of Effective and Refined Management of Jiangsu South Bearing Co., Ltd. was held in Nanmen Square. Mr. Shi Jianwei, Chairman of Nanfang Bearing, Mr. Jiang Zongcheng, General Manager, and Ms. Shi Wei, Deputy General Manager attended the meeting with all the staff.



With careful preparation in management, all employees of Nanfang Bearing first demonstrated their morale. The orderly queue and loud slogans show the spirit of all employees fearless of challenges and their determination to achieve targets. Ms. Shi Wei, Deputy General Manager, presented the award to the morale demonstration array.


Then, Mr. Xu Peng, the representative of the Fine Management Supervision Department, and Mr. Cao Chunlin, the representative of the management, respectively made speeches on the fine project supervision and the effective promotion of fine management by the management personnel, and briefly described the project from the implementation level. Mr. Yang Dianmei, the consulting director of Wisdom Sword Project, and Mr. Xu Guangming, the project leader also gave authoritative suggestions on the promotion of this effective and refined management project of Southern Bearing from the perspective of consulting.


Finally, the participants took the oath under the leadership of General Manager Jiang Zongcheng, and all the management personnel signed on the oath wall and took a group photo.